Minggu, 03 Februari 2013

Love is you..

We all love the God who created us, and loving parents who have given birth and raised us. But when we growing up, we will probably find someone out there that we love.

what is love?
something that makes us feel strange, feel different than usual, makes us feel happy. Love, activate certain parts of the brain that releases several compounds including dopamine and serotonine. That hormones can make us feel really happy.

what is love?
something that makes our brain look very stupid, make us lose the good sense, make us willing to forgive the people we love, even they make serious mistakes, which if we think with common sense would not forgive him/her.

what is love?
make us willing to wait for quite a long time just to meet the people we love. Make us loyal only to him/her that we love. Make us want to marry him/her and live with him/her forever. Make us want to do anything to make him/her happy.

what is love?
makes us wish the best for the people we love. Makes us care about his/her family, makes us care about what he/she does. Makes us think about it endlessly.

And my love is you.........

Love really does not make sense. How could? I met him only through social networking. We had never met before. Just look at his photo I can feel I fell in love with him. Really weird. It's been 2 years I lived with him, and I am grateful to have met him. what is love? my love is you, Alif.

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